Glow Fuel

Intravenous therapy for skin brightening is a breakthrough in brightening and cell defence.  A combination of powerful anti-oxidants such as glutathione delivered with vitamins, minerals and fluids hydrate the skin and reduce melanin production. After a series of treatments, a lighter fairer skin tone may result. It plays a major role in helping your liver detoxify harmful chemicals by binding to the toxins, facilitating their easy elimination. The body produces glutathione naturally, and research has shown a healthy intake of Vitamin C boosts its production.






Who should consider Glow Fuel IV Treatment:

If you find yourself feeling unenergetic from within and it shows on your ageing or you would like to maintain your health and beauty as you age then this treatment is ideal for you. Perfect for patients between the ages of 18 and 65.


  • Glutothione - an extremely effective antioxidant comprised of three essential amino acids.
  • BCOM
  • Vitamin C